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Eurasian Owl
Eurasian Owl at Alabama Wildlife Center

Visit the Alabama Wildlife Center in Oak Mountain State Park, and see AWC’s newest “Education Raptor”.
The Eurasian eagle-owl is the largest and most powerful species of owl, in the world. With its vivid orange eyes, patterned brown plumage, and large feather-covered legs, the Eurasian eagle-owl uses its strong talons and sharp beak to take down prey much larger than itself, including sheep, wild boar, and even deer. Rescued from life as a “pet”, but non-releasable due to human imprinting, this spectacular apex predator joined the Alabama Wildlife Center’s education program by way of Wyoming’s Teton Raptor Center. Native to much of Europe and Asia, the Eurasian eagle-owl (Bubo bubo) is a larger cousin of Alabama’s Great horned owl (Bubo Virginianus)

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